Hi, I'm Tara!


Hi Everyone, I’m Tara! I’m fascinated by the human potential and confident that every individual has the ability to live into theirs fully, but to do so, must be in an environment where they are supported and celebrated.

I've had the honor or working for two cutting edge software sales companies (HubSpot & Brightcove) where I've been both a rep and leader. Early on in my sales career it became evident that I approached selling much differently than the culture encouraged me to, and that served me in many ways. Through this experience I realized....

Sales culture today is still extremely masculine and typically only emphasizes driving outcomes from a place of fear without factoring in the human and their needs. With this type of culture and behavior expected, It's no surprise more than 70% of B2B sales reps are men. This approach isn't a natural fit for women or people from any underrepresented group.

Leading from a place of fear doesn't only happen in sales, it's often present in all high stress environments. I'm on a mission to help organizations and leaders become more conscious and aware of the energy they bring to themselves and their teams so they can shift out of fear and into compassion, accountability and passion to create more diverse and inclusive cultures that attract, motivate and enable all of their team members to thrive.


I'm now on a mission to solve two problems:

  • First, to help build conscious and aware leaders. Helping to inspire choice over reaction in every situation. 

  • Second, to partner directly with individual contributors and leaders to coach them to see their inherent strengths make them incredible professionals.


It's my hope that by sharing my 10+ years of personal and leadership sales experience as a successful female sales professional, I can be a part of the change needed to create a more supportive and inclusive world. 

Infinidei partners with organizations and leaders to build more diverse, equitable and inclusive cultures. Helping leaders celebrate the differences each individual brings to the team while inspiring equity and encouraging everyone they have infinite opportunity to succeed.

As an iPEC certified coach, I work with companies looking to invest in their teams by providing 1:1 professional coaching services. This provides me the privilege of guiding them to reclaim their courage and confidence, giving them the power to make choices that serve them and to help them remove boundaries and barriers so they can achieve greatness in every facet of their lives.

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