Helping Leaders Thrive 



Building conscious leaders who inspire from the inside-out. 

Being a leader is challenging. Many are capable, but not properly equipped for the job.

For organizations this can lead to:

Stress and burnout resulting in high turn-over rates

Missed revenue targets

Hiring or promoting the wrong person

Disconnected and demotivated employees

A less diverse team 

Providing the proper support can make a huge impact.

For organizations this can lead to:

Qualified, equipped and motivated leaders

Increased employee retention and promotions

Exceeded revenue targets 

Diverse and inclusive teams

Increased employee engagement scores


of employees say they experience stress "a lot of the day" 


of people say they trust strangers more than their own boss 


of people have left a job because of their manager


of employees say they are less likely to experience burnout when supported by their manager 

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Why Work With Me?

Hi Everyone, I’m Tara! I am certified in IPEC's Energy Leadership Methodology and have 10+ years sales experience with two cutting edge software sales companies. I was both a highly successful individual contributor and leader. It's through my experiences that I've uncovered our energy is everything and it impacts how we show up for ourselves and our team. 


Angelica, Circle 

I am left feeling inspired and challenged to find actionable ways to reach my potential after every conversation with Tara. Through her guidance, I have learned how crucial it is to not just track your impact but also take note of how you feel throughout your work.

Leigh Nichols .jpeg

Leigh, CarGurus

Since day one of our partnership, Tara has brought immediate value. Not only is she a natural facilitator and content creator, but she’s also been an invaluable thought partner as we considered how best to develop an impactful learning journey. Tara brings instant credibility to her work. Our work with Tara has been so successful we are expanding the partnership. 


Mintis, HubSpot  

Tara has inspired me to never question myself as a woman and be unapologetic in my pursuit in growth and my full potential. Tara helped me to have the confidence not to question my worth and to push for the next step in my career.


Helping Leaders Thrive