Your Feelings are Valid - Miscarriage and the Many Emotions

It takes courage to share our most intimate and personal experiences with friends, family or the world - I have so much respect and love for @chrissyteigen opening up about her miscarriage.

Having gone through one myself, there are days you feel completely and utterly alone. It’s those days the questions start to arise, did I do something wrong? Is there something wrong with me or my body?

Stories like Chrissy’s and mine give other women validation and strength that it’s okay to be going through the feelings you’re experiencing. There’s nothing wrong with you and you aren’t alone. Even though there will be dark seasons (sometimes days other times just moments) that’s okay. It’s all part of the healing process.

After my miscarriage I locked my feelings away - continued living life as if nothing had happened. Jumped right back into trying to get pregnant and month after month of negative test after test I began crumbling. I hadn’t taken the time to grieve my loss or talk about how deep of an impact it had on me. This affected every part of me both personally and professionally. A few months ago over video I shared a bit of this with all of you and since then I’ve made so many incredible steps towards healing. I’m working weekly with my therapist, I’m actively talking to friends and family about our fertility struggles and I’m being more kind to myself. I feel more alive and hopeful than ever - my entire mindset has shifted & a huge part of that is from hearing the stories of other women going through the same thing I am💪❤️

We need more stories - more real life - more mentors (women we know or those we don’t) that we can turn to during any tough experience❤️together we can accomplish anything.

Thank you, @chrissyteigen for being real, vulnerable & raw.