Insights From the Her 2022 Conference

Last Friday The New Hampshire Seacoast threw their first Women's Conference. The idea for the conference came to light in January and in just three shorts months with a dedicated team and inspiring mission, it was live. The Her Conference for Women's theme was,“A Woman’s Journey”

As women our journeys are all so different, but there are also many experiences and feelings we can all relate to in one another. I’ve put together a list of the key takeaways from the conference that had the largest impact on me.

  • ️To be a loving mother, successful employee, connected partner or compassionate friend, we don’t have to put ourselves last all of the time.

  • Our worst times are often our most powerful moments for growth.

  • A lot of us have held onto the idea that feminism = to be in a female body while acting and being masculine.

  • We could all spend more time celebrating ourselves and our accomplishments, even the little things.

  • Change happens when there is disruption. It's time for us to disrupt the way society supports and values women.

  • We as women need to start asking for what we want. We can’t assume others will know this without being explicitly clear. This applies to our home, work, friendships and everything in between

All of these takeaways are deep and could have their own separate blog post, but for now I'll let you all reflect on them in a way that serves you.