Equal Pay Day - 4 Ways Men Can Help

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

March 24th was #equalpayday. In 25 years the pay gap has shrunk by just 8 cents.

The impact of the gender wage gap has been amplified over the last year as more than 2 million women have been forced out of the workforce due to the pandemic, especially impacting women of color.

Equal Pay Day is an opportunity to build awareness, but even more important, a chance to bring men into the discussion and a part of the solution.

Here are some ways men can help:

1. Mentor, Coach & Advocate for women - Working with just one woman in your network can make a material impact. I am so grateful for my male mentors, coaches & advocates over the years.

2. Talk about compensation. Make your salary known and help women advocate for the salary they deserve.

3. Take your paternity leave! I dream of a world in which family leave is taken by everyone with pride, not guilt.

4. Understand gender bias and the negative impact it has on the advancement of women in the workplace.

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