Are You Nervous About Going Back Into the Office?

If the answer is yes, that's totally normal. We've been working from home for a year and a half. We've created new routines, ways of motivating ourselves and filled our old commute time with many other things. If going back into the office is mandatory, ask yourself these questions to help make the transition smooth.

1. Am I clear on the new boundaries I’ve set while working from home and how can I stay true to them when returning to the office?

2. What is my biggest stress around re-entering the office? Once that’s identified, what is it stemming from? How can I make choices to reduce/eliminate it?

3. How will things change with my boss and peers when we are back in the office? Is there anything I need clarified before re-entering?

It’s TOTALLY normal to feel nervous or uneasy about this. The more clarity around the unknown we have, the less scary it will be. Answering these questions will help you ease back in feeling more prepared.